Is there anything like a History panel in SI?


Is there anything in SI similar to Photoshop’s History Panel?

Using Undo for going back is so time consuming.



There isn’t a history panel like Photoshop, but everything you do to an element is saved under it’s properites.

  1. Select object.
  2. Hit <8> to bring up Explorer Window. E to change mode selected object.

The first directory has your modeling history and clusters you created.
The 2nd called Kinematics has your constraints.

Select the property you don’t want and delete it. Freeze or Freeze Modeling will delete your history on your object. Freezing is useful once you are done modeling, to save on file size.

Hope this helps,


Thank you Ohmanoggin


It is faster just selecting object and in Right menu click in button Selection. You also can click with RMB and have specific options.