Is there any university where i can study 3d modeling or animation?


Hi Adam/Roku. In case you return here some day to read any additional replies, I wanted to give you my perspective:

  1. Getting a college degree, particularly an advanced one (like masters at least), usually helps with immigration in many countries.

  2. Learning about 3D and animation tools and software can be done anywhere on the internet and with books and videos, for free or very cheap.

  3. The most important thing to learn in order to work as a professional artist of any kind anywhere is just that, art!

  4. Given all the above and the fact that you’re in Czech where apparently university is free for your age, I would say that your best course of action would be to take any opportunity to learn about traditional arts. If you want to be a modeler, study drawing, painting, and sculpture. If you want to be an animator, study those same things but also add acting and dancing. Writing fiction also wouldn’t hurt. Get an advanced degree that covers these things, if you can. I can’t emphasize enough that these are the skills and abilities that will actually get you good jobs in this field.

  5. Don’t forget to study a little bit of computer tech in order to be proficient around them, as well as whatever you need to do to be proficient in the language(s) of the country(ies) where you may want to move.

  6. While you’re doing all this, download Blender for free and start learning the technical part (and some of the art part) of 3D animation for free!

Good luck!


I’m not sure that there are such universities, but there should definitely be courses.


University of udemy.