Is there any university where i can study 3d modeling or animation?


i would love to work in Blizzard and i would love to create characters and animate them.
I mean 3D models and animation. The problem is that i dont have any of those skills above. I dunno where to start and my highschool is a Highschool with extended language education. Is there still a chance that if i start at the age of 18 i will working in blizz one day?
I’ve been looking at this article too, but there is no special school for it.
Thanks -Adam


You think you want to work at Blizzard, but your thoughts regarding the matter may change upon it becoming a reality, so don’t stake everything on that goal.

Universities are a business and cost money to attend. A lot of people in the industry are self-taught.

There are an awful lot of people with which you are competing.

Many jobs within the industry are terrible. If Blizzard is what you perceive to be the holy-grail of work places, what do you do if you’re not quite good enough? What is the fallback plan?

The learning-curve is steep and it could be three or more years before you’re any good and that is assuming you stay as passionate about it after three years as you did on day one. What happens if after a year or two you decide this isn’t for you?

If you go to university do you end up in debt? If so, don’t go for something as trivial as 3D animation. Doctors, Engineers, Scientists etc need degrees, but with something like 3D animation, the work should speak for itself.

Get any job and teach yourself when you get home from work and at the weekends. You might never make it to Blizzard, but going to university won’t change that.

Unless you are rich, University will put you in debt and even if you graduate, there is no guarantee of a job at the end of it.

There is free software such as Blender you can try. Perhaps not the most user-friendliest of softwares to learn, but if that hurdle puts you off, you’ll never make it to the top anyway. Do 3D because you like it. Where you end up and how much you are paid for your 3D services should be a bi-product.


try its where im currently taking courses. reasonably priced to learn any of the 3D suites in about 4 months. its a start. check it out.



Hi Adam,

How old are you now and what does your GPA look like? Answers to those might help in terms of giving you some more advice.

I think the first thing to emphasize is that the number of people who get into a company like Blizzard right out of a 4 year program is tiny. Most of the time, people in the industry work and build up a professional portfolio prior to working at a top studio like that.

The second thing that I want to emphasize is that at a large company like Blizzard, the amount of people who model and animate characters as part of their day to day work is also very small, and mostly the domain of previz artists. People tend to have very specialized roles at large studios, i.e. someone will either be a 3d modeler or a character animator, not both. Even then, the people who model the characters are doing so from 2d concept art, so the distinction of who “creates” the character isn’t as clear cut as you may think.

That said, there are many more roles besides modeling and animation available to artists within studios such as Blizzard. Surfacing/texturing artist, layout artist, FX artist, and lighting/compositing artist also comes to mind. Do you have an aptitude for math and/or computer science? Maybe something like FX might be worth considering.

That said, in terms of schools where studios like Blizzard might recruit from, I would look at Ringling, SCAD, and CalArts, in no particular order.


Hey SD3D, you sound pretty…Sour!! Stop with the negative attitude, will you? That’s the LAST thing a person in the OP’s position needs…


thanks for your advice. I know that its not something easier to become a really good animator / 3d modeler, but how long will it takes then, if i wanna be what i want to be plus i will study something else. I mean that it will take me like 10 years to study something ‘‘relatively’’ normal + giving time to this. I heard about Gnomon and other course related stuff. Is it worth attending these courses?

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Hello ,
so i am 18 years old and here in czech republic ( i am from czech republic ) we dont have anything like GPA. When i was looking for what it means and stuff i am able to say that my grades and knowledge is above average. The main problem is that i havent study any school which would be related to the things that i wanna do in my life.

I assume that you mean after university. I thought about attending some courses so i will pay them (Gnomon for example.) I just dunno where to start. I am in my last year of highschool and then i haver to make the decision but there are no schools plus its really hard to combine studying something else, making money, and learning those programs at home.

Yeah, I’ve read about it. I think that my mind gets really creative when i want it to. And i really like creating these eventho i’ve never actually made them into computer version. I completely understand this point.

Another thing is that i really hate math, I’ve read many posts and articles about it, and there was written that you dont need math when u want to do stuff that i want to do.

Thanks for this advice … i will look them up.


Thanks that u care but this is the reason why i wrote this topic. Having an honest advices is great too. But thank you. :slight_smile:

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IAMHEREINTHEWORLD, well please educate me as to why you perceive my post to be “Sour”.

Roku states having no experience with 3D or the industry whatsoever.

When I first started using 3D applications, I was terrible and in awe of the stuff posted on sites like CGtalk. I was also, needless to say, in awe of the work produced by various companies and hoped that one day I could work for such companies. Well guess what, many years later, when my abilities improved, I ended up working for such companies. My perception of the industry from the outside, was, unsurprisingly, very different from the reality discovered from working within.

So I reckon that a lot of Roku’s enthusiasm stems from the same naivety that I once had.
The point being that University is an incredibly dangerous pursuit. It is dangerous because it tends to be a socially accepted norm in rich western countries for very young people, that are too young to really know what they want to do, or what the real world is like, to further distance themselves from the realworld and rack up huge debts. Debts that will make them a slave to a particular career for a very long time later in life even if they find out later that they hate it. Also, a degree for visual-content is completely unnecessary! Moreover, at University, the onus is on the student to teach themselves anyway! So why bother going into debt for a certificate!

So if I’ve said something inaccurate, or given bad advice, please explain why so that I can understand your point of view. At the moment, my perception of you is that you are upset by reality.


So if i say it easily, you dont need a certificate but you need to work on your skills? Am i right? And i thought about having a year break with work so i will make money plus i will try to make stuff and then studying the gnomon course or something like that. Is it good idea?


Well, I went to University, and learnt 3D there (I don’t work in 3D now, btw), and according to me, it was VERY necessary in what it gave me - I wouldn’t have been able to pick up Max just from books (there was no Youtube in those days) etc. I NEEDED a human teacher. I NEEDED the experience and discipline of actually making… a Final Product (a short movie). Also, there were about 40 people with me in class - they were probably not all like, Fucking Idiots, spending money unnecessarily, y’know? :slight_smile:
That being said, I realise this was MY situation - there are probably plenty others who CAN teach themselves, yes, it’s probably true. I didn’t finish that course for various reasons - the main being that I never wanted to do animation, that is to say, “cartoons”, which is what they would have taught me had I continued - like, you know, character animation and stuff. No, my interest lay in other areas - mainly speaking, VFX for music videos, for which, unfortunately, there is no scope in my country :frowning: I maintain a huge interest in 3D, and will get back into it if I can :slight_smile:

Aren’t ALL CG artists “upset by reality”? :slight_smile:


Direct paid courses like Gnomon and those with a good reputation have this reputation for a reason - they are good places to study.

Keep in mind people in the czech republic university education is free if you are under 25 and I would recommend taking them up on this if you still can, the networks you create while you study are invaluable later - I still receive work/job offers from class mates. Not to mention if you want to work for Blizard or some other large name international company a degree is definately a good reason for an extended Visa (as well as a damn good portfolio).

You may hate math as I did in high school, but when you apply it to something in the real world when you need it, it can be quite enjoyable to solve difficult problems. You will have to at one point other another in your career anyway, making your life easier by automating things just makes sense. Trust me on this, one day you will have to fix thousands of polygons/houses/whatever and its not fun doing this by hand. A script that can take you 30 minute to make can save you 6hours of your day. Do this enough times and you have saved yourself months of boring labor.

Keep practising, its a long long journey so just go for it, if you have the drive and the patience no matter what anyone says you will do fine.



Can you Draw or do you think you have an eye for Modelling or animation?

Perhaps see if you can speak to a local games company and get some work experience.

Re Maths: It’s not a deal breaker to not be good at maths. Some simple coding often helps but that’s more analytical - Really depends what you are doing.

Perhaps Choosing the application to learn is the first hurdle. Blizzard appear to use Max and Maya and Substance for texturing

Blender is free of course and C4D, Maya, 3DS , Houdini and others all have other good free learning versions with tutorials to follow BEFORE spending money on Gnomon etc.
Unity / Unreal have completely free fully functional game engines and LOADS of tutorials to follow.

It appear you have a very good free university system in the CR. You are incredibly lucky in that respect.

As for your age -I too wanted to work on games… I didn’t start animation until I was about 22 after a psychology and computing degree and Work on Film / TV / Games now. It was about 1996 - I had a 500 page manual, 56K modems a text based internet and no online videos!!

Just make sure you start at the beginning and stay focused on the part of the app you want to learn to begin with as they are massive nowadays and do so much in one.

Just research your university / college options and get on those free apps and tutorials.


Hey, Northern Doubt, are you a scripter? Like, you use languages-inside-3D-apps? Can you recommend some good books on the subject for me? :slight_smile:


Im not much of a scripter, I can read the code and adjust it a little if need be (usually breaking something along the way no doubt).

(Slight thread derail here:)
I have been learning Python 3 for the past few months though. If you want some good books the only ones I have read so far which I would recommend are:


These are all available online for free. I also read:

But this last one is not recommended by the folks over at Stackoverflow, in fact they have some other recommendations:

I did learn some interesting things from it though and I thought its worth a mention, but its good to also know why its not recommended. I wont go into it you can read about it on sopython

edit: I also did the exercises on the below link, which was a good introduction:


I agree with this. And for precision note that a degree is different from -and takes longer to get- than a certificate or diploma (which many animation schools and online courses tend to offer).

So it could be worth considering getting an art related degree in the Czech Republic first thing Especially If it is indeed free.

The degree is relevant to the Visa application for the US (or anywhere else) in regards to customs and immigration. Even if not directly in animation-just having one helps with that in particular. Diplomas and Certificates not so much.

Also note its probably harder than ever to land work and immigrate to the US in today’s political climate.


Thx for the help man.


I am big proponent of people going to college…
So in order to help you better…

WHERE are you?
What is your education so far?
What are you areas of interest? Coding ? game art?


Coordinate paid courses like Gnomon and those with a decent notoriety have this notoriety for a reason - they are great spots to think about. Remember individuals in the czech republic college training is free on the off chance that you are under 25 and I would suggest taking them up on this on the off chance that regardless you can, the systems you make while you consider are significant later - despite everything I get work/work offers from cohorts. Also in the event that you need to work for Blizard or some other substantial name universal organization a degree is definately a valid justification for an expanded Visa (and a damn decent portfolio). You may detest math as I did in secondary school, however when you apply it to something in reality when you require it, it very well may be very pleasant to take care of troublesome issues. You should at one point other another in your profession at any rate, making your life less demanding via robotizing things just bodes well. Trust me on this, one day you should settle a huge number of polygons/houses/whatever and its awful doing this by hand. A content that can take you 30 moment to make can spare you 6hours of your day. Do this enough occasions and you have spared yourself long periods of exhausting work. Continue honing, its a long adventure so simply let it all out, in the event that you have the drive and the tolerance regardless of what anybody says you will do fine.

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