Is there any parent constraint(like maya) workaround in 3dsmax?


Hey guys! I am trying to get a parent constraint in 3dsmax. I know the link constraint can do this staff, but its has its own limits, like: it can not constraint object with multi target simultaneously like maya. So i am trying to use script controller with some martix math to do this thing and I got some problem.(forgive me I only know a little about matrix operations…)

Here is my test progress
1.I create three objects, two parent and one child. I want the parent to control the child…

2.I add transform script to the child(Circle002),and set this script

Parent1.transform * (ChildDefaultTM * inverse ParentDefaultTM)

3.And then evaluate it. The position work fine, but the child’s rotation seems not calculate in the parent1 space. it only work in local space.

I check the maya parent constraint setting via matrix node, i guess i missed the child parent inverse matrix here, but i am not sure how to setup this in 3dsmax, is there anyone can help? and if there are any other parent constraint setting method in 3dsmax? Thanks in advanced!