Is there any help available?


Greetings Everyone,
Have been trying to contact a CG Artist; Modeller based on the excellent work in their portfolio. Unfortunately, I have not heard back. My messages have gone unread. Contacted CG Society Staff member for help unfortunately, my messages have continued to go unread… Is there any help available?:sad:


It could well be that they, both the artist and CGS, (wrongly) believe that you’re a spammer or a scammer. It might also be that neither party has actually gotten around to looking at your request. No way to tell either way. I suppose that you could, maybe, find the artist on ArtStation or FB, but I wouldn’t push it. If he or she is legitimately ignoring you then you might simply have to take “no” for an answer. That’s about all I can tell you. Sorry.


Did a little quick digging and… Look at Julio de Araujo’s posting history. He’s posted here a grand total of 54 times. The last time he posted anything was 11 years ago. THAT is why you can’t get in contact. He’s not a part of this community anymore. His website has long gone dark too. Looks like you’re out of luck.


Greetings Cookepuss,
Thank you so much for your replies and quick research. I am an Artist too so no spam or scam here. Looking to hire a good CG Generalist to work remotely on a Character. I will try Artstation. ( I do not use FB or Twitter.)
I have done some research too, Julio de Araujo is still part of the Art Community of Digital Artists even if he has not been here in some time. He placed his portfolio at Autodesk and elsewhere. Certainly, he is known and must have friends among Digital Artists who know his current contact information. I am certain he still has friends here also, especially among the group of South African Artists, his home Country. (They appear a tight- knit group as they are few in number and I would bet they keep in touch.) It is unfortunate about his website. However, not giving up yet.