Is there a way to Stipple Render?


I’m looking for a way to render and when Maya or Mental ray is done rendering to have all the shading be in the style of a sipple.

Anyone know how to do that and can tell me how? Anyone have any ideas how to do that?



The way I went to do it last spring was in post; one can use ambient pass to drive a mix of different stipple patterns. The same principle applies to shading, where one could use the ambient node to mix other textures to get the stipples follow the surface if needed.


and there is a free solution for doing that in an image basis:

Weighted Voronoi Stippling

It was found on this research page… Indeed we have Voronoi textures for mental ray (see Binary Alchemy), maybe some stuff could be obtained out of them…

Any crazy coder around here :applause: ?


If you want the stippling to occur like old war posters usually you see the stipple happen in the transition between light and shadow.
Taking a multi-pass approach, you could use the maya toon shader based upon light angle.
In the color section ramp place a black and white stipple texture in the center, and linearly fade it to white on one side and black on the other (depending on the angle of your light you may have to switch which side is black…and which is white. Apply this to your geometry, set up a directional “type” light to get your light angle and render as a seperate pass. Then in your compositor your can i.e. multiply this pass against your other passes.


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