Is there a way to split all polygons in C4D?


Hey guys,

Is there a way to split all object’s polygons in C4D into separate ojects (1 poly = 1 object) at once. Maybe a script or there is some function/setting inside Cindema for usual “Split” func.

I’ve got an object consisting of ~1000 hexagons, and the goal is to split all hexes into separate objects for further animation in another software (which needs this polys as separate objects only).



  1. select all polygons, U-D (disconnect)
  2. While all selected go to menu: Mesh - Conversion - Polygon groups to objects


Thanks, that works!

The only adjustment for me is (maybe it depends of the version, I’ve got R26.014):

  1. U-Shift+D to disconnect (uncheck "Preserve groups’);
  2. In menu: Tools - Convert - Polygon Island to objects.

In my version it turned out to be no “Convert” in “Mesh” menu, as well as U-D didn’t disconnect polys.

But anyway I wouldn’t figured that out without your advise. Thanks again!