Is there a way to restrict painting inside polygon islands or selected polygons in BP? [SOLVED]


I hate when this happens

Is there an option to limit the bleeding so I can paint freely ?


Select the polys you want to paint, then hide unselected. Paint on your poly and when done unhide all. Might be a better method, but it works.


I have tried painting on the model itself but the problem still remains when my brush has a fade. The 3D brush due to its size paints neighboring islands even if they are not visible or hidden.


You can just paint in a selected area like in photoshop:


Can you tell me how to do that ? Is this the UV Editor ?


You use the texture selection menu tools from the Bodypaint layout. But it doesn’t work for me. The only workaround I’ve found is making a poly selection set for each poly, and having a different material applied to each, then you can paint just on that poly.


Yes, in the UV editor.

  • make a new texture (file > new texture)
  • make sure that texture is selected in the UV editor (textures > yourTextureName.tif)
  • create a new layer (layer > new layer)
  • make some selections and paint inside them (texture selection > select polylines)
  • profit


Thank you it worked !
Actually I used the command Create Mask From Selection.



Do you happen to know why the following happens and how to correct it ?

I have a low-poly model under a Subdivide object. I paint on the low-poly model…
As you can see weird bleeds of the background occur between neighboring polygons…
I guess the Subdivide object is to blame for these texture inaccuracies but shouldn’t it try to “stretch” pixels to fit the new topology ? How can I solve this ?


Have you tried switching the ‘subdivide UVs’ setting in the SDS Object tag. Boundary or edge might work.


Thank you Mitchino


It didn’t eliminate the problem but it minimized it to a controllable state.


I have found that you always need to paint over and a bit beyond the edge of your UVs to avoid those seams

if it is right the pixel edge of the poly you can get those


I think this happens because the polygons are usually never rectangular on the UV map. Painting on non-rectangular polygons leaves some portion of the background pixels uncolored.
Using Grow Selection by 1 or 2 pixels solves the problem.