Is there a way to extrapolate a normal map from 3d geometry?


I’m able to create easily displacement or other maps from a 3d pattern but I’m struggling to get normal data from Cinema, is there a way to get a normal map?
For example from this pattern I’ve build all the maps needed for this fabric(I’ve used displacement for the renders), now I’m looking for a way to extrapolate normal data out of Cinema.


the only workflow that comes to my mind would be this:
use your height map in a displacer deformer on a highly subdivided plane, run current state to object command and then bake the normals out like you would do with a sculpt.


Lovely renders!

If you have displacement maps already, then you can use a tool like normalmap online to convert them to normal maps. You can also use the baking functions in tools like Zbrush to generate normal maps from geometry.


Thanks a lot! the online tool seems like a great solution, I’m testing results right now;)


A quick and easy way would be to use an art shader with a normal matcap texture.

Put it in a 100% luminance material, render from front view and you should be done.

Note : if you have some parts which are not covered by the geometry, a background object with RGB (128,128,255) should fill in the holes nicely too.


Can you just load the displacement map into the normalizer shader? (its under shader >effects)


Hi sirio, pzdm made tutorial a years ago. I cant find it now but its easy. 3falloff shaders RGB with XYZ direction and with screen blending in luminance channel.normal map.c4d (318.5 KB)


Thanks a lot guys, will try your solutions too :slight_smile: