Is there a way see .3ds thumbnails?


Hello people,
I give up searching for this thing. Maybe someone knows a way or if there is a plugin or software to see the thumbnails of .3ds and .max files ? I have to open each model in max to see what it is :(… it’s very hard as my collection grows bigger. I found a plug in to see the .max files but I have also a lot of .3ds models which I want to use in my projects… I use 3ds max 2012 x64 Windows 7
Thank you in advance


.3ds do not contain any thumbnails AFAIK
But you can see Max thumbnails easily using XNview


oh dear! So there is no other way to import the 3ds that you want except opening them one by one until you find the desired one? I’m thinking of a software like a thumbnail generator to automatically create a jpg with each 3ds model. There isn’t such a software? I hope i’m gonna have to make the thumbnails myself by opening each of 3ds files (2100 files) and print screen :-< how lame would that be :frowning:


There are such tools which create external thumbnails from folders containing various 3d files. I thought you wanted to see the internal thumbnails of the 3d files. Simply googling for such a tool would have shown you various options i guess…

Here’s one…


thanks :slight_smile: this seems to be what i was looking for, but it costs a lot . may I ask how did you google for it ? what keywords?


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