is there a plugin/shader that bevels booles?


I have an animated boolean.

Need the boole result to have a smooth edge.

Edgeshader doesn’t seem to work.

Is there anything out there that will do the job?


I had one laying around somewhere, I’ll see if i can dig it up and get it working again.


That would be much appreciated Per! I can make a donation/pay if it helped.


There’s the ChamferMaker plugin. It’s a generator object so it’ll work with other generators like the Boole Object. Though there are certain mesh configurations that might break.


Thanks!–forgot about that one. Considering that this is a heavy boolean and is animated to reveal the object, I fear that a generator might not give a smooth result from frame to frame.
But its worth a shot. (the available mac version says its for R11–I’ll see if it works in 13)

Solid Chamfer is the other one I noticed by Koruyume, but that one is a command tool.


There is also a shader solution available:

Cheers, cube


I’m working on the next version of SolidChamfer, that includes a modifier/generator version. I put together a quick demo of how that might be used for beveling boolean intersections:

Obviously, the objects in this example are very simple (cubes), so depending on how complex your objects are it may or may not work in your situation.

Let me know if you are interested in trying this out. In that case, I may be able to provide you with a beta version.

Best regards
/Filip Malmberg (SolidChamfer developer)


@cubeman–thanks–I tried Edge Shade (see above :slight_smile: ) but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with generated objects like Booleans. But it should be useful in other cases.

@filip My gut says that a shader function would be the best solution in my case (heavy and complicated intersection)–but I’d like to try it out. Looks nice


Chamfer Maker can get your result beveled properly. Just need to enable the option for edges from live selection in the boole generator and chamfer maker. Also important is to enable “single object” in the boole generator.


This doesn’t work well at all on heavily triangulated meshes. The product page information even heavily suggests the mesh have good topology.

Definitely nothing as useful as what Mental Ray and FinalRender have. Supposedly something coming in vray_for_C4D but it’s roadmap is way out of date and no real information forthcoming on the next update.


Interesting news about your plugin Filip, nice improvement…
…if I can ask,estimated time to release?



No release date is set at the moment. I’ll announce it here on cgtalk when it’s available.

Best regards


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