Is there a MEL Command Reference somewhere?


I mean one that is COMPLETE.

This weekend I’ve tried to start learning MEL, and the reference AW ships seems almost uesless. I’m trying to look up basic commands like “If then” “for next”, “while”, none of which are referred in the “Maya Command Reference”. Where am I supposed to find a COMPLETE list of commands available with the MEL language?



Dur… those are flow control statements and while I agree that it would be nice for them to be refered to with the other MEL commands they are not really commands…

They are in the DOCS under the MEL section rather than the command reference under the heading of making statements and defining actions in the Maya 4 docs… and under Controlling the Flow of a script in the maya 5 docs… can’t say offhand what they’d be under if you are using 4.5


Ah, I see. I was just frustrated when Maya’s SEARCH tool does not allow short words like “if, then, next, while”. The search tool is pretty much useless for DEV usage.

I was only using the “Instant Maya MEL section”, and the “MEL Command Reference” sections, and did not even SEE this 3rd MEL area. It would be nice if AW had built only ONE complete MEL Help section instead of have so many spread out areas.

The area is exactly what I was searching for, so thanks,


What version of maya are you using? In 5 the have grouped those MEL sections together…


I agree that the searchfunction isn´t that good, but you can also use the standard Explorer-search-function on that folder, if you search for short phrases.


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