Is there a key shortcut for snapping to axis?


Sometimes when I draw splines I want my next point to be on the same X or Y coordinate as the last one. Usually in apps like Illustrator or Corel this is done by pressing ctrl or shift.


I don’t know of an axis snap that works whilst drawing splines, however, this would be a use case for Front/Back and Left/Right viewport panels to ensure you’re working on a fixed plane.


It could also work in the perspective mode. It would snap to the nearest Y’Y X’X Z’Z virtual lines passing from the last drawn point. Handy for drawing pipes in 3D space.

Any idea why they released R22 so soon ? They usually do it on September.


There is an old plugin created by gr4ph0s that may still work, can’t test for you now:

I don’t disagree it could be better, but just letting you know how to get around the functionality it does have :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, it’s S22 for this release, intended only for subscribers and has only part of the full R22 features that will be released at the usual time of the year for both subscriber and outright owners and should have further features added.