Is there a Batch Render Viewports script for 3dsmax?


Is there a script that renders the front/back/left/right/top/down viewport of selected objects. So I would select a number of objects, run the script (and the script switches the viewports, frames the selected objects in the viewport and renders using the current settings?)


Bump. Anyone?


Don’t know I’m afraid. It sounds a bit specific. Have a look on scriptspot.

Or you could try enabling the macro recorder and doing all the actions and see what it outputs. Then you could convert it to a macroscript by dragging the code to an empty bit of toolbar. The tricky bit will be getting it to not overwrite the first file with the second one. You’ll probably need to look into Maxscript a bit for that.


Thanks, But I have experience with Maxscript :-). I just wanted to know whether there was an existing script for it. If anyone want to know I got a good reply here:

Multiple Viewport Batch Render


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