Is the Volume Builder and Mesher GPU or CPU based?


I am doing a butt load of work using The Volumes at the moment and have to work in 0.2mm voxel resolution ( it’s for 3d printing ) -

I have a 4790k processor z87 mobo - and a 1080 GPU + 32gb

What would speed the calculating time up the most?


More and faster cores I would think.


Yeah but is it GPU or CPU?


This version I believe is CPU only. We can hope for GPU acceleration in the future but I don’t know if we’ll see it.


Hi strangerthings,

all volume features are based on the opensource library OpenVDB ( which is proudly CPU based. It’s used in every bigger motion picture production and the requirements on the data amounts would create issues when considering the limited memory on GPU’s. With CPU’s going in the 30ish corecount nowadays, I doubt you would get much better performance on a GPU with these data amounts.

Easiest to check if anything is utilizing the CPU or the GPU more: Open your task manager while doing some very heavy lifting with the feature. It displays the CPU utilization. If it is 100% -> CPU multithreaded. If it’s stopping at 100%/Threadcount -> CPU Singlethreaded. If it’s lower -> probably GPU or the workload wasn’t enough to spike in the graph.



With the amount of data that quickly adds up when using VDBs I would think the payoff to do this via GPU would be limited for the foreseeable future. Perhaps as GPU memory gets into the 32 - 64 GB range it might be worthwhile, but until then, they are largely CPU based.

I see now FritzK beat me to it.


Thanks… well at least that means a decent processor upgrade will boost it significantly.

Did seem odd to not use GPU acceleration from the outset but this makes sense.

I’ve upgraded from the 4790k to the 9900k… well new kit of components so hopefully that will be a massive performance boost when I can build it all at the weekend.