Is Th-Th-That All, Folks?


Is Th-Th-That All, Folks?
With more than a dozen computer-animated movies being readied for release, Hollywood is facing the prospect of serious viewer fatigue.

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NY Times: The Glut of animated films, and the lack of variety


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Nice article… the thing that comes to my mind is that the problem they talk about its not cg specific; the lack of originality in movies in general its been a problem since many years ago.

Although i think she is right when she say that “computer animation is not the novelty it was when introduced a decade ago”. The weird thing is… if you can do absolutely anything in 3d… why do they keep doing the same thing over and over again?? (Its a retorical question, i know its because producers dont like risks :))


I agree… there’s a blur with all these cute fuzzy animated animal movies out/coming out. It’s like any other movie genre… you see one cookie cutter movie, why should you go see the others when they have same plot, same character development, etc.


the same exact thing was said when 2d animation was king


Maybe if companies would allow for someone to make a movie thats outside of the " generic movie magic" box, this wouldnt be a problem. Much like in gaming, theres very few investors who want to take risks with anything that doesnt already sell. Creativity to them, isnt as important as the money they make. Though some directors dont need to think at all.

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The novelty wore off years ago. Like anything else - after the novelty is gone, you’re left with telling a good story. So as long as the stories translate into ticket sales, they will continue to make them. Besides, kids are less cynacal about movies. even if they can’t convince their parents, uncle/aunts, granpa/grandma to take them to see the theatrical release, there’s a good bet these movies will clean up in their DVD sales.


Yep, 50 years of cute animal 2D films didn’t stop Lion King being huge. And while we may get jaded, every few years there’s a new crop of kids who haven’t seen this stuff before. Let’s face it, if you’re talking about appealing to kids, there’s only so much you can do. Kudos to Monster House for reviving the Amblin feel and pushing the envelope a bit though, that was great.

I do think there has to be potential for some more young adult+ type fare. Anyone who’s read much sci-fi or fantasy will know how many great stories are out there.


The stock price of DreamWorks Animation is down about 40 percent since it traded near a high of $42 in November 2004, as analysts and investors remain concerned about unpredictable movie profits. Shares closed at $24.57 yesterday.

Damn that’s a big hit.


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