Is silo going to be updated


I’ve just seen silo on steam and am so tempted to just buy it as its only £30. But after readin round it doesn’t seem like there’s gonna be a silo 3. But does anyone know for definite that nevercenter have stopped working on silou


Don´t think there will be a Silo 3.
But that´s no need for that.
I use Silo2 as my main starter when making models.
Then into ZBrush and on to a renderer.
It works just fine as it is!



thats awsome mate, thats what my intentions were for it too, the thing bugging me was some of the bugs people have mentioned, like a poly limit bug?? how has it been for you, bug wise?


You should download the trial if you haven’t already. If it works for you, then regardless of the lack of development, it’s a good tool and worth owning.

Silo’s stability seems to vary a lot from person to person (different hardware/driver configurations I guess). Some experience a lot of crashes; and some hardly any. Save often.

Poly-count wise, if RAM usage hits 2GB then Silo will crash. You can set a subdivision limit to avoid that - though of course you have to consider the density of the mesh you are dividing.


Just for anyone else that’s wondering, I emailed never enter about updating it an thy came back with this:

Silo is still very active in our plans, although the rate of development has significantly slowed from its initial days. Due to a variety of reasons (including economic), we’ve branched out as a company and have been working on a number of software projects. (Some of these you might have seen on our website, such as CameraBag, Shibuya, and Infinicam.) Since we are a very small team, we’ve had to divide our energies among them. Yes, Silo has reached a more mature phase and its development will not be as rapid, but as we stated previously, it is still alive and active in our plans.

By the sounds of that , there is goin to be some final bug fixes at some point, but not anything more?


What do you guys think about a Kickstarter campaign for, say… silo3… silo2.5?
Would NC be interested?
Would we be interested in supporting it?


Not shure what that should accomplish, but for the record if they were to release a paid upgrade to v3 I would certainly buy it. But the ball is in Nevercenters court and has been for a long time, they just don’t seem to interested in doing anything with it, apart from further the impression that development of Silo is dead by being silent. Which I am certain affects their sales, however steadily Silo has sold.
And that email says nothing new, but ask yourself, would they admit to development being dead? No, they will do what they can to sell a few more licenses and in that context their response fits perfectly…


maybe its release on steam going well will help motivate them to carry on with silo, gotta stay positive


Considering 2012 passed and the only communication was “we find ourselves to pressed for time developing other crap and exploring our inner thoughts and feelings, and the user base to demanding and such a energy draining nuisance that we can not even be bothered maintaining a forum (which we never post on anyways) for you pesky people so we will simply shove that load of trouble over to the cgtalk cemetery” I find it hard see any positives…

And motivate them how? Silo is considered dead in the 3d world, and this is bound to hurt their sales, something they could easily have prevented or stalled if they wanted…now, what company has the opportunity to take easy measurements to maintain profits…and does nothing? :curious:


I rarely experience crashes, but I can’t UV shit in Silo. UV window seems to go blank after a while. Not to mention that before it does that, it’s a rare thing it will show the proper unwrapping of the UV mesh, even if I force it by Unwrap UVs using LSCM. If the UV window goes blank, I need to restart Silo to get it working again. Also, the 32-bit architecture, the lack of alignable workplanes, crappy Scene Editor… Man…
Silo V2.2 is a great modeling app, but so unpolished at the same time. What the hell is wrong with Nevercenter? Why don’t they give us updates? Have they really lost their the bloody source code like someone suggested? Jeez.


ive had another email off them which is kind of a piss take lol. in a previous email they say, “silo is still very active on our plans”, so i emailed them asking when they would be doing even a small update to 2.2 and they reply with “Plans are in the works, but no definite time frame yet.”… not very active plans lol


If you can get it for £30 go for it ,its a bargain.
The main reasons for crashes I have found is due to bad geometry,like stray verts
crossed faces etc.


I just bought Silo 2. 50 euros off steam.
Never crashed, works very fine on a Win8 with I7 and 8 gig ram.
Quetsion … what renderer do you people use?


I bought a Silo license back in the day when it was still 1.4 with the free upgrade to 2.x. I wouldn’t have thought, that x will stop at 2. Half a year ago I stumbled across digitalfossils’ NVil (formerly Voidworld), I even think I might have read about it in the Silo3d forum. The irony is: this is 1 guy developing the software for the past 2 and a half years and constantly pumping out updates, almost on a daily basis. I hope he doesn’t burn out! To keep this project going, he recently released the first commercial version (79USD$), but all the releases from before will stay free. At least he said that in the forum. You can download and use the payed version, but you wouldn’t be able to export the meshes. Point is: the feature set exceeds Silo by far, but with some effort to setup your tools, you can model as quickly as in Silo and then some. I would bet my horses on that 1 guy, instead of flogging a dead horse.
It still has some downsides, like it’s only available for Windows, is a 32Bit app, you better not open the UV Editor just yet, it could use some cleanup and reordering of some stuff as well as some improvements in other fields. But at the end of the day, Silo looks like a vestigal stump compared to NVil. Although I do not know, how well it handles highpoly meshes, it once crashed on me, when I tried to retopo a highpoly (140k) reference. Well, Silo crashes on me all the time.

Someone asked for renderers: Mitsuba (it’s free & fast)


I can’t agree more with Vaquero.
I’ve been testing out Nvil for the whole past week and without doubts it offers much more power than Silo ever did. And, like Vaquero said, all that accomplished by one guy who’s pumping updates very frequently. Also, the program seems to be pretty stable and, by what I’ve seen on its forum, any bugs get patched up pretty quickly. Also new features are added on constant basis, even features that users suggest. It really should put Nevercenter to shame.

        Current lack of UV tools doesn't really bother me as I'm doing UVing in 3D Coat. I plan to use NVil as a pure subdivision modeling only, and in this, it's seems to be great.


Silo update can be found here. :rolleyes:


interesting update you found there… and speaking of SILO, here are some lowpoly models i did recently (around 5K tris) for a game >>> ENTIRELY done in silo (modeling, UVing, smoothing groups, etc.) rendered in Toolbag


Nope, not an update for Silo, as with Silo i can model whatever i want. 3D-Coat does not allow you to model what you want:

As 3D-Coat creators we ask you not to use the program for making pictures which would increase vices, especially pictures that would provoke dissolute thoughts. We all have responsibility before God and before mankind for everything we’re doing.

As seen here:

Do not support religious extremists, no matter what kind.


Hellagot; your post is misleading. Hope it wasn’t intentional. Here’s a fairer quote from the 3D Coat page:

As 3D-Coat creators we ask you not to use the program for making pictures which would increase vices, especially pictures that would provoke dissolute thoughts. We all have responsibility before God and before mankind for everything we’re doing. Do we make this world better?

We can not (and don’t want!) control your activity. That is a request and not a legal demand. We completely realize that many people may dislike the request placed on the official web site and that it may cause less selling. However, our conscience demand is more important for us than our income.

Respectfully yours, Pilgway staff.

You can indeed use their application for whatever you wish.



No it is not misleading… What they say is: You are not allowed to model anything that we wouldn’t accept because we believe in god, but we want your money, so in doubt, give us your money and model what you want, but you are not allowed to.

Do NOT support religious extremists, no matter of what kind! - nothing misleading about that.