Is Rap or Hiphop a turnoff as a demo reel music?


Just a rendom question :hmm:


Just so happens I was on a portfolio site yesterday and it had hip hop music accompanying it. I personally didn’t like the choice of music and turned the music off; and was irritated I had to find the “mute”. Even if it was music I liked, I would have been irritated bc I wasn’t there to listen to music.


It would take a lot of self restraint not to yank the DVD out of the drive and hit the mute button instead. I hate rap/hip hop/ RnB, etc. with a deep rooted passion. That’s my opinion ofcourse. Other viewers of your reel will have different opinions.
It’s not a show stopper ofcourse as it’s the visuals that matter… but still… yuck!
Unless you’re going for a job position as an editor where matching to audio matters I’d advise against it and go with either no sound or something very unobtrusive.


Certainly can be safer choices, but people may say it doesnt really matter, people watching might have the sound off anyway etc.

But still, I wouldn’t, keep it simple and safe.


if done right no. However you have to do it right. I am also a dj so you have to look at your adience and mood ect. The hiphop used in jet li movies works well with the scenes. Even that drum and bass listed above I would avoid. The main problem is lyrics is that people will assosiate the lyrics with your work. A good hiphop intsrumental will add and exciting pace to you work thought. (EX. X is gonna give it to you by DMX) the instrrumental will be good. A good hiphop song to use with lyrics would be “here and Now- by conciquence” or " superperstar- by lupe fiasco" so what were you planning opn using mabe that is the question that we can disect.


Any kind of music is fine since most likely volume will be down to zero or very low and being talked over.
In the very remote possibility that somebody will actually listen to it, use whatever you want, but play it safe and steer clear from the most lyrically intense pieces.

“I’m going to **** you, your whole family and then gun down with my gold plated UZI your dog and then drive off in my ferrari while I make chauvinist remarks about mah bitch” might not go down too well with somebody thinking of giving you a job who potentially takes music too seriously; so maybe steer clear of gangsta and white teenage angst rap if you really want the genre in.



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First thing I do with any demo reel is hit mute.


Such a reel would surely go down in history. An instant YouTube classic! Whether it would actually get the creator any work is uncertain… but it would sure get him attention…!!


Don’t add any music to demo reel, espcially music with vocal. No need.


LOL that was funny! Though my reel starts with Dre telling you, he’s gonna break your neck! :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s just because it is a piece done on rap.

I would avoid “any music” with overtly sexual or voilent lyrics. Better with no lyrics at all, just a nice rythm in the background, not too loud.


Guys Not every hip Hop track has violent or obscene lyrics.There are many tracks that I think would sound good on a demo reel however I would use the intrumentals. I always thought that rock and techno songs sound kind of boring on demo reels, and they are often over used. However, I have heard some good rock tracks on demo reels, so I guess what I am saying is it depends more on the track that you choose rather than the genre. :slight_smile:


I still dont understand why you would bother to add music to a reel in the first place?

…me, I just have a *.pdf with stills and concept art, nothing more. And it doesnt come with a complimentary muffin :wink:


I don’t think anybody made that generalization, and I listen to several rap artists myself. But rap is a genre with many shades of gray, and a fair few of these shades do include all kind of sexual references ranging from subtle to explicit and all kind of violence.

I would give the same advice if it came to rock or a number of other music genres. Springsteen is unlikely to get you in trouble, but Mudvayne’s poop maker is likely to sound a bit off to some ears :slight_smile:


Unless you are trying to showcase a music video you made, stay away from any music that will overpower the visuals. Rap/hiphop might be appropriate with some subject matter, but most likely not. The generic grinding speed metal, which everyone seems to still use, was always a huge turn-off. Though even that may be appropriate, at times.

When I used to review reels(usually with sound on at first, off if it got obnoxious), I wasn’t so much listening to a song for the content as I was for the decision-making ability of the artist. More offensive to me than any rap song (and I like old-school stuff) was some generic power schmaltz with over-earnest singing (cough Pearl Jam cough). If this “artist” can’t make a sound and reasonable creative choice with their own reel, how will they do it on the job?

As an artist, you are paid to make aesthetic choices. What you choose to put on your reel should have the same sound reasoning and forethought as the images you include. Not giving the appropriate amount of thought to what accompanies your visuals is like painting a masterpiece and then, instead of putting a beautiful & tasteful frame on it, you simply tack it to the wall with a staple gun.


Yea I know :slight_smile:


Agreed. I wouldn’t put any music you’re unsure of about and assume that it’s going to be muted because not everyone does that. Any music should compliment the work as well as being something inoffensive. Your music selection is a reflection of your tastes as an artist so assume you will be judged by it. I wouldn’t personally use any kind of music that people commonly have an irrational hate for (gangsta rap, tween pop, country, Michael Bolton, etc) which might override their appreciation of an otherwise quality reel.

I typically get around preconceptions about music by always trying to use something that most people probably haven’t heard before. Something relatively unknown with a hip hop beat would be cool; Fifty Cent maybe not so much.


I guess Snoop Dogg is out of the question :smiley:


Adding any music to your demo reel is a waste of time. It adds nothing.


i’d hit eject