Is photmetric light really superior to vray light? what about vray IES?


HI, been doing a lot of lighting even since I got my current job…My boss like to use tons of photometric light even though we are using vray with 3ds max… my question is can vray light be a substitute to the photometric light cause it always take s a lot of time in the preparing light phrase, making the render time really long, therefore making lighting the scene a very painful thing to do as I have to wait for a long time with different iterations… what about vray IES, what is the difference?? they both use IES files??
thank you for any insight into this


If there is the opportunity to use render specific lights while I’m using a render engine, I generally prefer to stick to it since they should be optimized. As far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) Vray has its won VrayIES light. I will be glad to hear other opinions about this topic


Use the Vray lights, they are photometric as well, and they’re designed to be used with Vray
IES is another option if you have a specific IES profile you want


Ah, I see. Cause I am experiencing a lot of weird light atifact like white sparkle and among other with the standard photometric IES, better switch to Vray IES as my boss insist of having the light with IES profile…

thanks for the input