Is my graphics card suited for 3D?


I own a Sony VAIO RX-860 series pc and it has a SiS-651 graphics card that doesn’t support open GL. My problem is certain applications such as XSI and Mya PLE often close down when I’m working in them, and i beleive this is due to my graphics card. Does any one know If my card is upgradeable or if I can down load drivers to make it Open GL compatible. I’ve looked up sony support but it wan’t helpful, it just gives me a bunch of pre answred questions and no placed to ask new ones.


it seems the RX860 has an AGP slot so you are free to choose from most if not any graphics cards out there. The onboard SIS graphics adapter is not suited for any 3D work. Have a look at the softimage and Alias websites regarding recommended hardware or use the search function here, since the question for graphics cards comes up pretty often.


Thanks I’ll check out the sites and invest in a new graphics card.


I have one more question…It says that my graphics card is integrated and it shares system memory. I heard some were that this means I can’t intstall a new one, is this true? If not where can I get instructions on how to install a graphics card?


You should be able to disable the on board graphics in the bios of your motherboard. That should free up the system ram is uses and any resources.


If your system has an AGP slot then the on board adapter can be disabled (most likely in the BIOS settings) or will disable itself when plugging in a graphics card.


THanks both of you for the advice.


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