Is modo really easier to use than other software?


Is modo really easier to use than other software?
I read everywhere, that in modo you can work so much faster than in maya, max, houdini (of course)
10 hours of work in maya are 5 hours in modo, true or false?
What is true about this?


I guess it’s personal preference. For me, modeling in modo instead of Maya is way easier and intuitiv. I can model faster and more secure, but this also has a drawback. I still use Maya for animation and rendering, so I have to switch back and forth, which is not really a clean workflow.


Modo is new and does not have much support , for example I am testing 901ver3, and and want to bake a material, and am having a problem , and documentation nota , and came here for answers and no threads, I have been using c4d for years and Zbrush. I could take it to c4d to finish , but thought I would try to find answer first! Zbrush for me is the best modeling software , but you have to take it out off their package for certain things, but they have a lot of support, any issue seems to be already covered, and figured out quick! I do a lot of my finishing with C4d. But maya and max ! would work also! I Like max ok , but maya is so bloated, its ridicules, finding anything is a pain! Maya I hoped would Change there GUI, But year after year just pile on buttons and windows, Basiclly I see max and maya as CAD programs that have evolved to where they are now! Modo after a couple of weeks testing, I like some features, but their file system for objects and materials is not very intuitive, I believe the fear of coming up with something that does not copy some of the big boys progams, have forced some developers to reinvent the wheel even when ya wind up with subpar! But stll its better than autodesk, In the end , try them all and see what fits!


It depends … if you come from a Lightwave background, MODO’s modeling paradigm is easy to jump into. For example, when nothing is selected everything is selected (in both LW and MODO). It also shares some of the same ‘weaknesses’, it’s essentially implements a destructive modeling paradigm. In other words, there’s very little in the way of a modeling stack or modeling history. Try creating a tube … using a profile along a spline in MODO, then do the same in Max or Houdini. In Houdini you can go back and adjust the spline and the profile will automatically update, not so in MODO. Some prefer a destructive workflow and there are some very good artists like Tor that do very well with MODO. It’s a personal preference in the end. :slight_smile:


Not certain that I would agree with that, that Modo is new and does not have much support. Yes, Modo is newer than many other 3D Packages, but has been around for over a decade, and the founders of it, had another 15-20 plus years of experience in the field before that.

Definitely, CG Society is not the place to be for Modo, nor Lightwave, nor was it for Messiah Pro, nor not too much for Blender. They are simply not active on here but on their respective Forums.

Maybe just didn’t find the right place yet for support?

Any ways, some software just doesn’t hit it with some users, it’s like that with me and others.