Is MAC OS Mojave Compatible with C4D R19?



I’m using the latest version of C4D R 19 Studio along with MAC OS High Sierra. I’ve been holding off upgrading to MAC OS Mojave. But I’ve run into a Time Machine problem that Apple says I need to upgrade to Mojave. Before I do that I wanted to check to see of there are any compatibility issues between C4D R19 and Mojave. I’m in the middle of completing a project in C4D and do not want to introduce any problems. Please let me know if it is OK to upgrade to Mojave using R19.



I would not recommend changing your OS in the middle of a project. Are you having Time Machine backup failures? If yes, there could be a few issues at hand. One could be a directory problem with your backup drive or two, it could be a hardware problem with your back up drive. Best thing to do is to backup your project to another drive or upload your project to Dropbox or iCloud.