Is Lightwave a 3d package do all I need ?


Hello dear friends !
As you know from the title of thread , I have a difficult question .
Before I ask , I know that each program has own abilities and specific featured and we can call it " power of . . . program " . I have seen some video from youtube , those showed some of particular tools and abilities in this program , I saw amazing things ! I want to use it as a powerful 3d package for animate , rigging , dynamics and do script . Is that a good and powerful program ? Im a character animator .


Lightwave can do everything fairly well. If you want to focus on character animation I would look into Maya, though.


Thanks alot !


Lightwave is a great all round package and very affordable. There are some really good tools in it for rigging like Genoma as well as some third party auto-riggers. And of course the rendering is amazing.


Lightwave can do everything well, except for character animation. Like someone else suggested, I would use Maya to animate and export back to lightwave for rendering/modeling.


Genoma and to a greater extend Riggit make character animation pretty darn good in LW.


depends on your workflow, also if cash matters…

if you like rigging it sounds more like you’re a Maya guy,
if you don’t, the LightWave RHiggit plugin is basically all you need to save tons of time and frustration.

LW does not have layered animation though, yet.

LightWave is best if you are a freelancer and want to master everything from A to Z.

Lightwave can do everything well, except for character animation.
this was true in 2010. is it 2010? nope.


This is true. Character Aniamaion is more than possible and work flow intuitive in Lightwave.
Can it match Maya? Not all the way but you can do it and do it functionally