Is it too late to pursue 3D Animation as a profession?


I’m going to a 2year animation college then going to animation mentor, then take some online workshops then start looking for a job… I always hear these stories of not paid well enough or bad environment or something unless they go to a good studio. I guess i just feel insecure since probably my education wont be over for a long time…One day I want to get a job as a 3D computer Animator but i know the Competition is high and difficult anywhere.But I’m 24 and it feels too late to make connections and gain a experienced resume… Sigh. I’m curious whether there’s anyone with similar circumstances? Or any word of advice in getting a job in the cg animation industry?


I suppose its never too late to start something new. I started art school when I was 20 and there were people in my animation major that were in their 30s and I think one in his 40s. Taking 4 years or so to spend learning a new skill isn’t that long when compared to the rest of your life. So no, it isnt too late. The “however” to this is that I always hear Animation/3D Art is a young persons game. The sometimes demanding hours and relatively low pay (depending on where you work) aren’t as attractive to older people. I cant say if being older and having little experience will make it harder or not to find a job, but the age thing does come up every so often though in my experience I dont know that its stopped my work from hiring someone.

I’m not the best source for this since i’ve only worked in one studio in advertising but the work environment and pay depending on who you work for. Some places are better than others about work/life balance. Where I work now is okay, its 9-6 but the pay isnt the best. While its still an hour longer day than people I know with non-art jobs there’s still time to have a life outside of work. I’d say when you get to the point of looking for a job research the places you apply to. This will be easier if the company is more well known like a game or movie studio but try and find out if they have a history of poor working conditions or if they have a high turn-over. That might clue you in that somethings going on and to be cautious.


Not at all ! You can Still Pursue a Degree in 3D Animation


Not at all! You’ve just gotta work harder than everyone else. It’s easy to get disheartened, but just keep at it. Try different things and keep yourself busy working on different projects! Also, look at other job fields, like modeling, vfx, texturing, etc.


Long Hours and tight deadlines with a focus on quality. As long as you are good at what you do there will be no shortage of work. It’s hard to get good In House work. But even in markets that you wouldn’t normally relate to 3D design / animation there is a lot of work going around. Eg. I worked in games and film for around 4 years and got fed up with short low paying contracts so I looked into the industrial sector, and now I am currently working for a material processing manufacturer as a 3D Designer / animator working with 3Ds. 3D guys are the new graphic designers, most companies want them but will only hire a few.

Never too late to pursue a passion my friend.