Is it possible to use one rig for several characters that are different sizes?


I’ve been asked to make character have a variety of sizes such as short, average, tall, skinny and fat. It there a good way to make all these characters use the same skeleton/rig so I can reuse most of the animations?

I’ve had a friend suggest Morph Targeting (using Maya) as the easiest way to do so. Are there other programs that would do this better? Other workflow suggestions?


Yes, and it’s a common practice.

What you would want to do, once you finish the rigging process, is to create an autorig of it so you can quickly create the very same rig on different size. Also, what could work is if you just uniformly scale the same rig and reconnect deformations, but mostly it won’t work as your other characters/sizes probably aren’t uniformly scaled, but it would be just a quick and dirty adjustment that could work in some cases.
If the change of the same character is not that big, using blendshape with new mesh could work, but I would strongly suggest to remove deformation nodes from mesh, modify mesh, reconnect deformations to it.

Since your rig is the same as your master rig, sharing animations is simple and straight forward.



Ah! Thank you. I will look into that. I’m on an older version of Maya so I didn’t know about the autorig tool. I should be able to get a newer version for this project.