Is it possible to snap to rotation angles (5/15/etc)?


That would be so useful.


Yes, you can use the Snapping Manipulator. Bring up the Options to set increments.


Oh my god this is perfect thank you so much!



Apologies for jumping in but I was having this issue too. I’m not sure I’ve found the correct setting? If i go to manipulation tool/snap/opt I can see my rotation snap angle is set to 15, which is fine but when I rotate anything it doesn’t snap. I tried holding shift but that didn’t work.




I have found the Snapping Manipulator in Keyboard Shortcuts settings, and assigned it to Q hotkey.
It’s settings won’t affect the regular rotation manipulator( R).



Thanks, It’s the rotation manipulator i’d like to control in this way.



The snapping manipulator has rotation handles.



Thanks, got it now.