Is it possible to put new strokes of a brush as different polygroups?


Hello there,

Actually question is in the title but let me explain:
I want to scult some details and I want to use a alpha brush. Is it possible to have all these strokes of alfa brush in different strokes so I can easily mesh extract ?


The only way this is possible is using the masking brushes. Once you’ve masked an area hotkey is ctrl+W to create a new polygroup from the mask.


smoother edge ctrl+shift+E


Yeah, I thought there may be an option to mask out things as I sculpt certain things.

So is the only option to sculpt and than mask out what I sculpted ?


You can also assign polygroups based on polypainting information or material assignment, but the quickest way is to the ctrl+W or ctrl+shift+E(which will give you a cleaner result but will also result in horrible edgeflow)

Although I’m still not entirely sure what you want to do??


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