Is it possible to parent rigid body dynamics and move it and makes it react with dynamics to keyframed parent object? (Like IK dynamic chain does, when i hit play and move with it?)


I have triead a lot but without succes. I have got rigid body object hanging out of another object, this object is keyframed. But i cannot move with parented rigid body dynamics object. How can i achieve this. Please see test project bellow.parented dynamics test.c4d (395.7 KB)


what you can do is to keyframe the dynamic cube and give follow position ad follow rotation some strength to make the cube follow its own animation path while still behaving somewhat dynamic. another approach is to connect another object to the cube with a connector just like you did with the other object. make that invisible and keyframe it. but the dynamic cube won’t behave like a dynamic cube then anymore though, because it’s connected to a non-dynamic object. what you can do is use a spring instead of a connector to change the strength of the influence over time… another thing you can do is make an invisible object with a collider tag to push the cube along the floor. for this particular case though i’d just use a wind force to slide the cube along the floor when it hit the ground. but i guess that scene is only meant as proof of concept, right?


Hi everfresh and thank you for your tips and trick you mentioned in your post here. I am attaching the image of my real object bellow.

I ended up to make the tank object (which is not all dynamic object just parts of it as containers and boxes i marked in example image… and i made the tank to be as child of cube parent which is fully dynamic object which is falling to the ground plain… But to make those boxes and cilinders on side react to the dynamics i had to use connector and in one object i assigned that dynamic cube which is not part of the tank (it is a parent of the tank) So i had to turn of those dynamics tags on them to be able to move with the tank after some time the tank has fallen.

I think that the follow position and rotation value cannot help me out in this situation.

I would like to somehow make those boxes and cilinders react dynamically to the position of the tank when i animate it after it fall. Is it possible?


possible, but not worth the hustle and loss of art directability. i would just animate the tanks fall manually and make the boxes and cylinders dynamic by rigging them with dynamic joints or connectors. dynamic joints don’t work that well for collisions, but you can fake that by limiting your joints rotation ranges or work with invisible collider objects. should work well in that case. if you want the tank to be dynamic the suggestions i made in the previous post should work. but again, for just the fall i would just animate it, it gives you more freedom and is probably faster to get the desired result.


So do you reccomended to use dynamic joints insted in the future to mix that with non dynamic objects? I know that i can move within joint within IK dynamics so they can reaact to keyframed object which just dynamics rigid object cannot if i understand right… i have done this project for now with the structure i attached above. But for the future project i will give it a try.