Is it possible to have multiple Materials Editor window when I double click on the materials?


Not just one window, and replace with the next material that I click on


Are you talking about the original material editor from way back? Not sure if that is even supported in the new versions.

Today, the material editor is actually an attribute manager. You can have an “material attribute manager” by setting the accepted modes to Material only, so the material will stay in the manager while you click on other stuff. You can also lock the element in the manager so a click on another material will not change it; this way you can open several attribute managers with different materials shown.

You cannot, however, open a new attribute manager automatically on double click where the material is already locked. The Python scripting does not support the windows very well.

What you can do: Use a script to open the attribute manager by Python:

import c4d
from c4d import documents, plugins

def main():
    c4d.CallCommand(1000468, 1000468) # Attribute Manager...

if __name__=='__main__':

Add a keyboard shortcut to this. Now you can select a material, use the shortcut, and then manually set the new attribute manager’s “lock element” by clicking the lock symbol to preserve your selection. That’s currently the best I can think of. Maybe someone else has a faster idea.


not with double-click but you can just use the window icon in the Attribute Manager (far-right icon in the default set) so you can have as many materials open in separate windows as you want.