is it possible to assign lights to textures?


seems like a strange question…but is it possible to assign a light to just one of the objects textures…and then another light to another of its textures?
does this make sense…don’t really want to have duplicate of the object…but wanted different light on different parts?

don’t think it is…any suggestions or methods i could use.

eg different types of moss/fur want different effects from light…but on same object?

maybe i just shouldn’t do this sort of thing…but i want to try anyways…so any input is welcome really…even the thats a s**t idea fling…try using your brain this way is welcome i guess…heh heh.

thanks :thumbsup:


Not possible AFAIK. If you’re using polygon selections to assign materials you could split the object up and use light exclusion, but that wouldn’t work for alpha-mapped textures. You could also use falloff to simulate different lighting…


damn it would have been nice…

i’m using alphas at the moment…i guess i could try falloff stuff but its not really what i was wanting…i’m sort of using in it parts atm…i guess i’ll have to extend it a bit. dunno…thanks anyways adam.

(i can’t use poly selections in this case really…)

wonder whether its something others would want or not? i guess its not real world enough for anybody to bother about really.



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