Is it possible to apply textures to this model?


Note: I have passed from the “Clueless Newbie” level to “Still Newbie but Struggling”. Having managed to apply textures to several models that I have found, it is my contention that it is not possible to perform that task unto this model:

It comes in 3 formats, all bare bones, geometry only: 3DS, OBJ and FBX. There are some beautiful textures but the question is: how on earth to apply them?

My fundamental problem is that the whole thing is comprised of one object only:

I would need somehow the select “Walls” and apply a texture, “Roof” and apply another, right?

I attempted to apply the 2 textures provided to the entire house, but does not seem to work.



See the main image below:

Is that being mapped to the proper places?



did you try the 3dsmax file in the download?

This was the file when I opened it.

The FBX file works if you just put that texture into a bitmap slot and apply it to your house, no need to detach anything it still has its uvunwrap for the entire geometry (if you apply the unwrap modifier you can investigate the layout).


I have not tried it yet and have a good reason. That ZIP file was uploaded by the author, at my request not too long ago. I was not aware that he had uploaded it this soon. Will download it.



ps: Don’t go too far, James and other experts. :slight_smile:


You are correct, James. The model and texture worked perfectly out of the box.

  • Some textures are too hard (like yours)
  • Some are too easy (this one, after the MAX file was uploaded)

I posted an excellent example, for people at my level:

Will post more.



Excellent, good to hear it worked for you.

Enjoy the journey :slight_smile: