Is it possible to add objects half way though an animation


I have an object that I want to clone half way through the animation. Is this possible or do I just have to sit them off screen in till needed?

Pete B


Hmmm there are a few ways to do that:

  1. Dissolve the clone at 100% and with an envelope have it undissolve at the frame that you need it to be visible (object dissolve in the object properties).
  2. Just make two scenes, one with the second object in and one without it and render the respective frames of both scenes then cut them together in an editing software.
    The second way might render a bit faster due to it needing less memory. The first one might be quicker to do.


Yeah I thought of your first suggestion and it’s the way I’ve gone but the reason I didn’t really want them in the scene was because I’m assuming that even though they’re dissolved Lightwave still renders them and so slows down processing. Is this correct?

Pete B


100% disolved does not tax the render…


Ok cool I’ll stick with that way then.


unless its a multimilion poli object :stuck_out_tongue:


But…it still loads the geometry and any associated texture maps into memory, so…be sure to take that into consideration as well.


Well it’s not to poly intensive and seemed to be fine. I’ll keep that in mind though, cheers for the advice.

Pete B


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