Is it made with Houdini, Xparticles or something else?


Hey, doing some research, and stumble upon this video by KORB

www. vimeo .com /388474281

Anyone knows how they made the material/texture reveal on the shoe around 00:11 and 00:28?



Definitely Houdini.
Its layered. I think a mix with hair, splines and mograph with fields will have a similar result.


Thank you!!


Don’t know about this one, but I remember specifically a lot of other sportwear/shoe ads made with C4D for all the knitting/build up/reveal animation. With a high-rez scan or model of the shoe, this could be a simple series of effectors with falloffs.

For instance

So it’s perfectly doable in C4D. Could be Houdini, could be C4D… It’s really impossible to tell IMHO.