Is it a Barebone XPC specific issue ?


Hello 2 all!

I bought a Shuttle XPC SN95G5V3 (nForce3-250) with GF 6800, 300gig SATA-II HD and 2gig of MDT Memory.
The Problem is, that it gets confusing with e.g. the middle Mouse button. It pops always only the Taskbar onto the top. There is no feedback what you expect using Maya (panning) or Firefox (Tabbing) for example. I dont know how to fix that. Latest drives are all installed (Mobo of XPC). and it is troubeling a bit the grficperformance. I get only 53 frames benchmarking via Aquamark. I treat with all the things i have done to this, to my “Big One” (ASUS A8v System) and all works fine again. (Aquamark ~63 frames) Also, when you right click on the Desktop, you always have there a short flickering on whole sreen, what you dont see with the other one at all. On an other Monitor (all CRT´s) you can also see, the the whole Monitor switshes (clickClack) as it does while changing the Resolution or so. So, actually it is not doing that directly, it only appears so.
In BF2 it has Problems with carring the Graficdata in more complex scenes. For some reasons, it sometime crashes suddenly Back to windows. Bios and Drivers where freshly downloaded and installed… Is the Mobo in there crab? I couldn´t belive, that this are the limitations to a Small Barebone, so I think there is somewhat wrong. Anybody any Ideas? If we like so, only the Mobos get changed - all other hardware is the same. I´m thankful for every feedback!

thank you for the Fish !

so long - Kay

what the hack is that!?? :frown:


I’ve got the same Shuttle box with an older Nvidia Card… My mouse works fine but I was having the same poor grfx performace at first… Until I went into the bios and turned off a few of the AGP options… I dont remember which exactly and my box is rendering now so I can’t check it… After that my grfx benchmarks were where they were supposed to be… If you cant find it let me know and I’ll check my bios when my renders are done.


Oh! cool! well i also thought about having trouble with the Powersupply. 240 Watts seems right hard to be fine for the 6800. It it only a TD so it has only one Powerplug. What kind of graficcard do you have? you say an older Nvidia - but the 5´th Series has powerplugs as well…

Withg the Bios - that could be fine! How long do you render? …I bet till next Year… :thumbsup:


Haha Yeh I’m still rendering now but I checked the mainboard manual and found the function in the bios that solved my problem… My card is an Nvidia 5900XT and yes it has a powerplug as well… So I was getting poor gfx performance when I set up my system so I went into the “advanced chipset” menu and set “AGP FAST WRITE” to “OFF” it might be called “AGP QUICK WRITE” too… I don’t know why this solved my problem but it did… I was using Cinebench to benchmark my system… at first my gfx score was 1100… after I switched that function off my score was 2900, thats where it should have been… Hope that helps you.


Yo mate! busy with ajob these days… Well, ok - that might be an idea! I also thought about getting in trouble with the powersupply. Are 240 watts to less? Is the 300W worse the money? tja I will attach my 500W one from my “bigBrother” to have look what happens… I´ll test that Cinebench i think as wel…

Happy New - Yeah!


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