Is coffee bad for your health?


How may cases of polio do you see in the world right now? How many of smallpox? These diseases killed millions before vaccinations wiped them out. If they kept killing at the rate they were at their peak, millions more would have died from them by now. So, yes, vaccinations do save lives.

Note the word “opinion” above. Where are the studies that prove you will get immune diseases?

Now, some of the COVID “vaccines” are not actual vaccines, but RNA manipulated gene therapy and who knows what they will do in the long run. Nobody does. Not even your Dr. McCullough. I personally got the J&J, including boosters, as it is one of the ones that is an actual vaccine, not a gene therapy. I guess we will see.


Well who knows…because it’s a clinical trial, there are control groups who get the placebo…polio is still around - just rebranded…for eg ‘acute flaccid myelitis’ …actually peripheral neuropathy generated iatrogenically - polio was in decline before the introduction of the vaccine, which actually killed many ppl in the early stages so the formulation was changed…polio is prevalent where vax programs are in force, such as Africa…polio , it is now clear, is a disease of modern agricultural insecticide practices…yes this goes back to the 1800s , where arsenic compounds were used…the neurological effects of inorganic chemicals are responsible for many or most modern diseases, such as ‘Zika’ which has been blamed on a virus to avoid payouts…


so called ‘diseases’ are in fact the bodies response to environmental stressors …smallpox is the result of dietary deficiencies combined with poor hygiene and exposure to industrial pollutants.


I don’t think it is as serious as other harmful addictions. Even I regularly take coffee, especially during working days. Coffee helps me build momentum, t complete the tasks. It’s like a booster for me.


It seems to me that everything is useful in moderation. I can’t live without a cup of black coffee in the morning, so I don’t see the point in giving up this habit. Also, I have now found marijuana edibles, so now for me a cup of coffee with edibles is a great start to the morning with health benefits.


my god you are LOADED with misinformation - your specialty?


here’s some good news items I’ve been collecting, health benefits of coffee


Coffee offers many health benefits but it is its consumption that makes it bad or good for health. I think you should take it once a day on the right time to get benefits. Don’t overuse coffee.


I’ve never been an “avid” coffee consumers or felt like I’m addicted to it, but I guess anything can be hazardous to your health if you over use it. Also, I think eating an apple in the mornings is far more effective for my one’s concertation than a cup of coffee…


How can I overcome the addiction like I am used to have at least 3 cups a day now.