Is anyone a member of "3D Bizz"?


I was tipped of at another forum of “3D Bizz” . I checked it out, and one the front page where they advertise their tutorials I see an image that is lifted directly from a tutorial I had at my temporarily defunct site (

So I don’t know, is anyone a member there? Anyone who offers tutorials on their site may have their tutorials in there too. They charge for the site, which makes it even worse, and makes me unable to confirm the content in there too.
They also offer “free 3D models”.


I really like how it says “FREE Tutorials,” and then when you click on it you must pay "3.00 EUR (approx. 3.15 USD) .

But hey, its worth $3.15 for me not to have to take the time to go to google and type “3D tutorials”, because that would just be a waste of my valuable time.

Not bloody likely.
This site is such a rip.


The reason I am wondering if anyone would be a member there is because they are selling access to what appears to something taken from my website, which I was offering for free.

Most likely they have other peoples work in there too that they are selling.


" Our Team work every day to add new free content for you. All the content is perfectly classified so your search are made quickly ! Your low contribution to this service help us to maintain it online THANKS, 3D Bizz Team."

So what you are saying is they are searching very hard for “free content”, that they in turn can charge you for… Well I’d have to say that’s pretty freakin lame…


Hmmm there is a pic there done by one of our mods (the ape pic on the front page). I’m going to speak with m@ about this and see if he was aware of this…


i think their a bunch of crap…i think we should all email them


They’re obviously trying to get people from “i” is only 1 key away from u, this is the biggest load of **** I’ve ever seen.





wow…thats pretty shite.

I suggest you send an email or five and see whats going on

netnames says there frence



Notice the date stamps under the pictures? Notice how it looks like it’s the date they ‘added new free content’? Also notice how that date always seems to reflect the current date…
A cheap gallery is all they offer for showing content. And every link leads to the creditcard processing unit…

sniff sniff … What’s that smell?

Turns to the 100.000 strong army of seegeetok

Looks like we got another live one here boys! :wink:


Ran it through a whois lookup:

domain: 3DBIZZ.COM
owner-address: didier ilewski
owner-address: 7, rue molière
owner-address: 92120
owner-address: montrouge
owner-address: France
owner-phone: +33.155480712
owner-fax: +33.155480712
admin-c: DI145-GANDI
tech-c: AR41-GANDI
bill-c: DI145-GANDI
nserver: NS.OVH.NET
reg_created: 2004-06-17 14:41:27
expires: 2005-06-17 14:41:27
created: 2004-06-17 20:41:28
changed: 2004-07-06 13:43:15

person: didier ilewski
nic-hdl: DI145-GANDI
address: 7, rue molière
address: 92120
address: montrouge
address: France
phone: +33.155480712
fax: +33.155480712
lastupdated: 2004-06-17 20:47:19

person: GANDI Auto Register 4.1
nic-hdl: AR41-GANDI
address: GANDI
address: 38 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
address: F-75003
address: Paris
address: France
phone: N/A

Less than two months old. Interesting that. Anyone in the area want to give them a call and find out wtf is going on :twisted: ?


bwahahah man that is funny, a rip off of noooo never :stuck_out_tongue:
soon we’ll have and who can forget lol


Don’t you mean :smiley:


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