is Academy of Arts a good school to go to


hey i have been thinking about going to academy of arts in san francisco but i was wondering if any other schools would be a good idea, i want to work for ILM and i wanted to know if this would be the best way to go:airguitar :airguitar :airguitar


Yeah I’ve heard it’s one of the best around, have you asked them for their catalog? if not then do so - it’s full of info, examples of others work and also says they have had their students go onto work for ILM, Pixar and Dreamworks. I am currently applying to go there, it’s quite a complicated procedure as I live in the UK and getting the funding for such a course is difficult. I’m actually off to talk to someone about getting out a loan for it this thursday.

Well if you decide to go I’ll see you there!:scream:


Some AAC graduated eventually go on to work at ILM and Pixar. No one, except for one illustrator that I know of went straight to ILM after graduation from AAC. In answer to you question, the AAC is a great school if you apply yourself and take advantage of thier resources. If you don’t, it’s a waste of time and money.


Well any college or university is a waste of time and money if you dont apply yourself. Name one other uni which is comparable to the Academy. And there have been people employed at Pixar and Dreamworks from the academy.


One thing to consider before attending ANY of these technical schools is accreditation.

I know many of the art institutes have/had poor accreditation so after you recieved your relatively useless certificate you were stuck at that level of education unless the school has higher level degrees.

Programs like the MS degree at Texas A&M or other higher level programs is a good way to get in at the big name studios. AAC has an MFA program too, but I don’t know first hand much about the school.

It looks like a great school. If you have the $$s to live in the bay area. I would consider a Fine Arts program myself, as the computer stuff is easy enough to learn at home, and it ****s to pay so much money for software education. Get the fine arts degree and then take courses at Gnomon or some such to learn software (if you even need to)


I know a few people at Pixar that attended the academy of arts in San Francisco. They all worked on that Movie “Freeware”


You know a few people at pixar who went to AAC? thats cool. When Pixar employ people is it per feature or do they take you on permanantly? - or is that classified?? The problem I have is that I will have to pay for AAC with either a grant, a loan or hopefully I can get some sort of scholarship. My parents can’t really contribute other than the odd pocket money! I may build up quite a bit of dept…

Thinking about it though I recon the BA I am applying for can be shortened down to just a couple of years due to my current knowledge, and maybe if I get an internship it will cut the costs down…

Anyone else here know about or went to the Academy? I’d be interested to hear from you…



I am going to the academy.

If that question was asked two weeks ago i would have said “do not go the 3d animation major , its a waste of money” ,

but recently our whole curriculum has been redesigned by Pixar and Disney studios , we now have a superb character animation course.

As Lyr said , if you take advantage of all the free workshops and the location Academy of arts is a really good collage (although unnecessarily expensive!)

One advice i can give is NEVER live at the dorms , you can find a bigger and cheaper studio in the city without any trouble , the dorms are horrid , i cant stress how bad they are.



Thanks sheep factory. I will be applying for the BA in computer arts. What are you going to do there? I think the main things that attracted me was its location and its collaboration with the big names, ILM, Pixar…

Thanks for the tip about the dorms - I had no idea, I still need to sort out how I will pay for it though… How are you paying for yours?

I really am getting excited about going and have been for some time now…


I think someone better add in there - just because you attended AAC doesn’t mean that you’ll get a job at ILM, Pixar, Disney.


Oh no I never intended anyone to think that. What I am looking for is the best institute which will offer me the greatest chance of getting into the industry. The most important part is the work I produce, not what school I go to, I know that.


Originally posted by Elliotjnewman
Oh no I never intended anyone to think that. What I am looking for is the best institute which will offer me the greatest chance of getting into the industry. The most important part is the work I produce, not what school I go to, I know that.

Okies. Just making sure you know what you’re doing. Cuz San Francisco is one hell of an expensive place to live!



Yeah and I am slowely learning that! I’m not too bothered though, it’s quite expensive here in england on the south coast, I am confident enough not to worry about expensis, I just want to enjoy myself produce art! - dept never killed anyone. Did it??..!!!


Hey ELLIOT, if u r in south England have a look at the Finishing School, if u r good enough to get in and have £4000 then u have a great chance of making it into a major studio…i have lots of info from there as i almost went myself…Tell me if u want and i’ll send it to u…


Yeah great send me it! Thanks.


I recommend searching the internet for rentals before you come here , once you rent the apartment you can find a roommate from the academy to share the costs.

Drop me a line if you decide to come , i’ll look around and take a couple of prices for you. I live in downtown (where all the campuses are).



yeah it’s pricy to live here
I’m paying 1550$/month for a 1 bedroom loft in emeryville


No Prob…BUT WHERE???


““In answer to you question, the AAC is a great school if you apply yourself””

Yeah, I went to the academy, I was just hired on spot at school to work on a movie ( US theater film ) doing 3d conceptual design, being produced in Prague.

  I commuted to school by train/Bart, 6 dollars each way,  it was much cheaper than living in the city, but if your going to live in the city, its not bad if you have room mates to spread the bills.


Hey, I’m going to AAC next fall in the cg art major. I’m really looking forward to it.
Are the dorms really that bad? The dorm room I am living in right now is pretty darn expensive and barely has enough room for my monitor. I think that most places would be a step up. However, if anyone needs a roomie next year, give me a buzz.