Is a good tool Deep paint 3D?


Is a good tool Deep Paint 3D?

I starting to learn Deep Paint but i don´t see the future aplications with this. Is good or is a simple solution? :shrug:

Some user of this?


YHes Josich - It is a good tool - I use DeepPaint and BodyPaint - They are both excellent.



I have used Deep Paint and Texture Weapons (now called DeepPaint II and Deep UV) quite extensively. About 3 years ago or more now the game studio I was working for at that time got a couple copies to evaluate and I was one of the artists who was given one of them to check out. Eventually they bought enough copies for all the texture artists.

It was a little strange at first but the UI is very similar in general to Photoshop’s so the learning curve is pretty shallow. In my opinion it is an amazing time saver that I can’t imagine doing wthout. Before Deep Paint I had to do all character texturing in Photoshop only. That takes forever to texture something with alot of detail and adequately hide those pesky seams. Those Right Hemisphere programs make painting over seams a dream. At first I just painted with some simple brushes and just some paint color. Later I got more into using the texture brushes. I strongly recommend learning all you can about DeepPaint’s texture brushes and how to build your own. If you are familiar with Photoshop and UV unwrapping techniques from any of the major 3D programs out there; it shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 work days of playing with the software and doing the tutorials to be firmly comfortable with using the software for any assigned production task.

I’ve done skins for a couple hundred characters now since starting to use the Right Hemisphere programs and have built up a hefty library of custom texture brushes that greatly speed up my workflow. The nice thing is they can be saved to a server from time-to-time by each artist on the team and appended to each artist’s list of available brushes. The texture brushes can have the bump, spec and alpha info built right in so as you paint those maps are generated simultaneously.

They are some good programs but not perfect. There are a number of minor problems or limitations I’ve run into but the advantages greatly outweigh those niggling concerns. Deep Paint won’t replace Photoshop anytime soon for texturing but it is an excellent companion program to Photoshop. Using the two together can reduce texturing time to a quarter of what it would take with Photoshop alone and greatly increase the quality of your texture maps.

There have been alot of late nights with major deadlines looming where Deep Paint or Deep UV have saved my butt. I’ve tried out an early demo of Bodypaint and didn’t like it much. Someone told me they have improved the UI so I might take another look at it again sometime. Lately I’ve been getting into Zbrush 2. More for modeling but I’ve been picking up more experience with the texture painting portion of the program and am very impressed with it’s capabilities. I still think DeepPaint is better suited for use in a production environment for texturing though but ZBrush 2 is a very close contender and is much cheaper.


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