Is a degree in computer engineering necessary for a career in 3D animation?


Any kind of degree is an extra plus for you if you have. If you don’t have then no problem. Basically you need to learn and grow your skills. And for this you can follow someone’s good work. This is just your inspiration nothing else.


I want to add one more thing: Avoid too much debt! Thus, avoid schools that would put you in debt for more than 50K. Pick state school or ones that will give you a good scholarship. Ringling, to my knowledge, doesn’t give much aid. You want to pick schools like Pratt, SJSU, FSU, Mass Art, RIT, University of South Florida, FIU etc.

Trust me on this: if you have a lot of student aid, which generally isn’t discharged in bankruptcy, you will be very unhappy.


I would say there is no special course that is compulsory for doing the animation course to learn drawing skills.There are a lot of institutes are available which you can check through the platform which offers the best quality of tips related to education and students can get best tips about the studies and different kind of available courses online.