Is 3D in Australia dead?


Hello. I study through various online sites. I am learning Lightwave.

Am I crazy to be studying 3D and CGI at all in this country? I am unsure where I will do with it all. There seems to be dead silence in this forum from us of the Antipodean land.


I am wondering the same thing… I’ve just arrived in Perth, Western Australia, two weeks ago, and I’d like to get involved in some 3d work.


First of all, I am new to this site. So how much of my profile information is publicly viewable? I’d rather that it isn’t. At least for the moment.

Anyway, I have a diploma in 2D graphics design that I completed this year. Since I then I have basically developed an interest in 3D graphics design as well. I use other sites to learn stuff. Some sites get a bit antsy if you mention other ones so I won’t mention them. I am learning Lightwave and Zbrush and…basically anything that I can get my hands on and learn about! Where it all leads to…I don’t know. I also don’t know if I will subscribe to this site; I will think about it. The workshops look good. But the timezone here, even though the workshops are recorded, is something to think about.

The 3D scene in this country seems to be mainly pragmatic, such as 3D work for advertisements, rather than creative work. I wish that I had got into 3D earlier. I absolutely like doing it. But at my age the internet didn’t exist when I left school and computers were almost an occult mystery. So it took a long time for me to get my mind around what a computer was at all.


Things are pretty quiet in Australia. Things could change, but right now, I wouldn’t encourage my kids to get into it. Electrician, now there is a solid job :slight_smile:


I’ve just arrived back in Australia, and I’m teaching again, but I’d love to get a shot at 3d design…



I live and work in Melbourne and i’ve notice the slowdown.
Ive started and facebook group and i’m trying to gather CG artists across Australia .
Getting news and jobs to flow into their.

Also there’s an email list from DLF with you can catch up with some Australian news of the area, but because its an email its also very confusing , so i will try to incorporate their news into the facebook group.





Found this group.


In one word yes. The once flourishing but small industry has gone leaving plenty of experienced people scratching around for limited work at rates of pay that have only got lower when compared to the cost of living that rises every year. Training to be an electrician is a good idea !


Lots of work available in Sydney and Melbourne. Check DLF


Yeah, from my sources, its been pretty busy.

Especially with Proof Inc. opening up shop for Gods of Egypt and The Third Floor, Inc. opening too.


Previz is pretty specialized though, not really traditional cgi work.


Its great to hear Gods of Egypt is being shot in Aus but I will bet 95% of the VFX work will go offshore. to the likes of DD .


I am a graphic designer starting to learn CGI. there’s definately no CGI work in brisbane. I think its mostly in Sydney…I think its stupid to discourage your kids from learning it just because there currently isnt a lot of work…things could change, and also you can relocate.

and about the electrician thing, remember that a qualified electrician in australia may not be valid in other continents where they go off different voltage systems. my friend who is doing an electrician apprenticeship specialising in power lines is having that issue, because he wants to move overseas but wont be able to use his qualification…

atleast digital work is universal.


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