Irreversibility made me quit


Dear community, dear developers,

as someone who started with 3D a decade ago, and a couple of years ago entirely switched to Houdini, I do sometimes look back on the simplicity of things back then. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am without the software, even though I haven’t used it in years. However, I just stumbled across an old rage-upload (which was private until now) that I encountered during my application project for Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where I was really stressed out - and I thought I’d share it with the community. So when I watched this video again, I thought it is about the most significant reason why I ended up never wanting to use Cinema again: It’s unreliability.

So I was tasked with doing real-integration of an entirely self-built asset of “Tarantula”. In 72 hours. And I chose Cinema for it. Now during rigging, what happened was something that has happened which happened a lot to me in previous projects using Cinema - I did something, then undid it, and things were irreversibly changed and I had to re-open a previous file - often losing a lot of progress and time. Maybe it’s just my utterly intricate way of working which causes this, or it is the software. Whatever the case, it was the reason I switched to Houdini almost instantly and never looked back. Now you might think, sure, that’s because Houdini is so powerful and stuff, but no, in my eyes it is its reliability which I find most crucial.

Now this isn’t supposed to be a rant about a feature or a certain bug, this is supposed to be a critique on the way the whole software operates. I believe it’s more than a bug and much rather a design flaw. And the reason I thought I would share this experience with you is that I do believe in the software. I just hope there is some potential in improvement through what I tell - and maybe to have some other users talk about their experiences with this issue.

With the kindest regards,
Martin Egger


So… I don’t have those sort of issues with cinema… but I do with Houdini and Max. But then again I don’t really do character stuff.


Hi do you have a scene file to reproduce?
Most of the time this kind of stuff happens when they are dynamics or stuff that are based on velocity which grab the previous position from the previous viewport drawcall while it should be from the previous frame.

But yeah if you do have a scene file it would be welcome.

Remember the more you love a software the more you hate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, and good work the rig seems to be really nice.


I personally have not had many issues with the Undo feature of C4D however ,( Like Many Character animators ),

I create all of my Character work in another program
and only use C4D for modeling and final scene assembly for rendering and sending comps to After Effects.