Irregular Eyes/ Texture-based eyes


I have an animation planned using some models originally designed for games in the Source Engine.

The Source Engine handles its eyes with textures and doesn’t use full rounded spheres for them, generally using surfaces and having the texture rotate along it to produce the effect of eye-tracking.

In Max however, the only way I can see to make this work is to find the material ID for the eyes and animate the UVW modifier gizmo. I’ve done this in the past for characters with irregular eyes, but it was always a flighty and unreliable thing to do. I could never figure out how to make it work in the same simple way a look-at constraint would. You would resort to manipulating each eyes’ gizmo individually in a shoddy and imprecise method with very little control.

Now, I’ve seen some spectacular rigs for weird eyes before, still able to control direction, pupil-size, overall size, everything. I have to figure that a software package like Max MUST be able to do anything a game engine is capable of, and do it better.

Can anyone help?


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