IronMan Vs Skrull Part 2, Ryan Lang (2D)


Title: IronMan Vs Skrull Part 2
Name: Ryan Lang
Country: USA
Software: photoshop
Submitted: 11th September 2014

A keyframe moment of an idea I had. Just fan art. I added process shots below.


Oh man. Your portfolio is amazing! Thanks for sharing this. Definitely need to try your process. CHEERS!




great work !
thanks for the step by step ! very instructive !


very interesting insight into your workflow, thanks!


Awesome image! Great to see the process too - thanks!


I’m simply amazed at the realism. Please share more…



It’s awesome!

thanks for sharing some techniques



Wonderful work!

But the fringe was over the top. With feature film-class lenses (which I guess you a trying to simulate) chromatic aberration should be barely visible if even noticeable these days. I think a slight motionblur on the parts that are moving would make it film-frameish without extensive use of chromatic aberration.