IronMan, Ethan Luo (3D)


Title: IronMan
Name: Ethan Luo
Country: China
Software: Blender, Photoshop, VRay

Hi all,

This is my latest work ‘Iron Man’, after a quite much long time it is now done. I started this work from October of last year after the Iron Man movie coming out. I love that movie so much although it is my first time to know this hero, he drived me crazy! So I decide to blend a remade hero. As my time is not sufficient so this work last so many months, I can only work on this when I’m free on some weekend’s night.

I modeled him and set up everything in Blender. The render is using the Vray script created by Andery. This is my first try under Vray so I test everything a lot. As I can not offer to buy one latest edition Vray so I can only use one earlier script v0.9.9 to work this out. I have to say that some features are quite limited for that version script but the speed and the GI and others satisfied me a lot. Andery is still working on his plus in demo, hope he could make this fast so that we can enjoy some more powerful render! lol. After that I do some painting in photoshop and some color tweak which is more easy and fast.

I prefer he’s fighting with some monster or something huge which has strong power and weapons, some police humans back up him but not that useful. Everything around are in pieces and full of explosive, I like this kind of image. As I love Micheal Bay’s movie style, such as his 'Pearl Harbor" or “Transformer”. I try to learn some ideas on lighting or fire effect from his movie. I hope I could be a good student. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a professional artist, so I can only try my best to full it with my imagination. Thanks many friends helped me and gived ideas on this work. Thanks all! Hope you like him.




Well, no one has replied yet, so I guess I’ll be the first. I went onto blender artists to view your model, and I think that it looks great.

The final image is put together well, but I think that it might be a little too busy.

I’d be interested in seeing how the model would look in a more simple scene, but still, very good job.


i agree with robopencil.
ironmen model is cool.
just the environment too busy.
but still good works.


Thanks for your c&c, it’s really happy you like my work.
But I think hero always be the most busy person in the world right? :cool:


I argee with the robo and ab, the model is great, but the scene is too busy (not that anything really needs to be removed). I think that the lights in the scene need to be toned down. With all the lights you create areas of high contrast that you dont ness. need. The car lights on the left and the heli lights on the right just need to tone down to focus in on Ironman.

just my 2 cents. Other than the lights I’d give it 4 stars:thumbsup:


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