Iron Woman, Carl Fredsberg (3D)


Title: Iron Woman
Name: Carl Fredsberg
Country: Canada
Software: Wings3D

This was my attempt at recreating the Iron Man suit from the movie while only changing the gender. This has led to some minor styling changes. The scene is mostly just to showcase the finished model. I am still fairly new to organic modeling. So any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Software used:
Wings3D, Kerkythea 2008, Paint Shop Pro.


very nice…
it would look much better if you had added a bit of feminine quality to the head…
maybe trimming the width of the jaw a little bit… just a suggestion…


good started,

very good modeling by the woman i like it but
1- i dont see the matel i see blastce use a good textures by the matel.
2- she is need more light bec is dark.
3- change the backgruond.

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Thanx for the suggestions so far. Btw, here are some wireframes…


hey, good job. i like it… :slight_smile:


nice idea. nice body but her face could be much better.


Thanx guys!

Better how? Any suggestions?


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