Iron Planet, Jean-François Liesenborghs (3D)


Title: Iron Planet
Name: Jean-François Liesenborghs
Country: Belgium
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop


This is an image that I have realized after my sunshine image to represent the hole planet from which the sunshine image could look like. All is in 3D render in one scene, no retouch in photoshop except colors. The stars background have been also add in photoshop.

Hope you’ll like it


Very powerful and poetic the way the light falls or descends on the barren planet. The space ship could stand out a wee bit more, but overall a beautiful image.


Wonderful indeed…like a scene from a science faction movie. :slight_smile:
How did u achieved this sky and stars??


Thanks !

For the background stars I have composite it in photoshop based on NASA images.

Here is a higher-res:



really great image,

i agree with daimondo about how the ship could stand out more, but i really like how you use the blue to draw you eye towards it.



Thanks, here are an update with the ship more visible:


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