Iron Man, Lee Anderson (3D)


Title: Iron Man
Name: Lee Anderson
Country: USA
Software: Animation Master, Photoshop

Iron Man stands amidst the wrekage of a recent battle.

I’ve been working on this off and on for the last little while and have come up with something that I really like. All modeling/texture work was done by me.

A big thanks goes out to Mr. Jamie Egerton for allowing me to use his awesome Iron Man design (design is here: Also thanks to the guys at the A:M forum for helping me to realize this.

Comments and critiques would be appreciated!

Thanks for looking!



I must say it’s better than drawings. Great concept and quality textures produced great picture!


Amazing work Lee! I really like it


Great fantastic work Lee! Maybe the metal part is too shiny…just a little bit.

Keep it coming



nice character…Iron man"…but where is his gun…! :wink:
Good work :slight_smile:


amazing work man… looks perfect.


Original and amazing, i like the new style, but is too shiny.


I think it is simply amazing, 5 stars, SUPER JOB! textures are awesome.


Thanks everybody! I really enjoyed modeling this and I’m glad that it got such a high rating!

Koggie and Alex, the relfections in the metal really worked for me…it added contrast to the model and didn’t look as spectacular without them. Thanks for the suggestions, though, maybe the relfections could have been toned down a little. (Alex, you have a nice Iron Man there yourself!)

Here’s a quick render of Iron Man out of his environment:



Awesome job Lee! Five stars from me!


Inspiring work Lee…Strong details and pose…


great works!!


Amazing work body, five stars from me :thumbsup:


you did this in hash? nice work !
that was one of my first 3D packages on the PC.(many years ago)
is it any more stable than it was?


Amazing work. I’m so glad you decided to finish this :).


Thanks Eric, Robert, Simon, Juan and Jeff! Very kind words from all of you!

Thanks Lorez, yes hash is much more stable, I admit there were quite a few choice words I used against it back in the day :smiley: As you can see, it can produce pretty impressive results now.

Here’s a wire–the quality isn’t that great but it gives you a better idea of details in the picture.

Thanks again for your kind words (and votes!)


It rocks!

Mike Fitz


DAMN!!! It didn’t take you long to finish it! Please- MORE WORK LIKE THIS!


Wow! I gave you 5 stars, Lee. That is a great peice of work.

Thanks for giving me a new desktop wallpaper! :thumbsup:


awsome from sam