IRON MAN 3 Reviews: An Ironclad Hit That Will Melt Even The Hardest Of Hearts


[I]“Downey is at his superhero genius best here, rattling off dialogue both clever and boilerplate with non-repetitive aplomb.”

“Delivers thrilling action, witty dialogue and genuine emotion, thanks to a cleverly crafted script, state-of-the-art special effects, strong, likeable characters and note-perfect performances.”

“Thrilling, great looking and with a refreshingly comical tone, this is everything a summer blockbuster should be.”

“It’s undeniably entertaining - and worth seeing for Kingsley alone - with the misfires never fully overshadowing the moments of glory.”

“This new Iron Man movie is probably the strongest of the series. The emphasis is on flip fun all the way.”

“Funny, twisty and thrilling, this is shellhead’s most entertaining solo flight to date.”

“The perfect superhero movie.”[/I]


I’ll see it, but I still hate that armor design.:argh:


I’m definitely going to see this, but I’m not a fan of the new armor either. Odd color scheme.


I’m not sure why, but when I see a listing of superlative reviews on RT like this, I just know the movie is going to have big flaws or plotholes that will be very divisive to the audience.


WOW, this is one jaded crowd.
I was expectng to see 4-5 pages of excited posts commenting on the movie by now, what gives?

I already know there’s a spoiler concerning the Mandarin, so please go easy on that for those of us who haven0t seen it yet.


It hasn’t come out in my area yet, so I can’t comment on it.


Jaded? Perhaps. Just seems that the last 2 or 3 times I saw this same grouping of what seem to be positive reviews, the movie was ultimately deemed mediocre and generally failed at the box office.


I think this one will be pretty awesome, just eager for it to come out next week.


Critics do seem to have a habit of overselling a film, but I’m not too worried about this one. After all, we’re talking about Iron Man, a well-established franchise, with lots of die-hard fans just chafing at the bit to see it, myself included!

Still, if the film is half what this almost entirely spoiler-free review claims, it should be well worth seeing.


Just got back. Decent enough, not quite as good as the first two, great plot twist in the middle I didnt see coming. The suits seem to fall apart easier than a jenga tower, and finally the bonus stuff at the end of the credits is hardly worth waiting for.

Certainly worth going to see, but if you havent seen the first two and avengers, Id hold off until youve seen them first, they refer back to them quite a bit.


The thing that has me most intrigued about it is Shane Black’s involvement.
When I saw his name first mentioned I thought–the guy from Predator telling Billy the jokes??

He’s not my favorite 80s-90s screenwriter but I thought that was interesting.


well , if you are a big comic geek , and a big iron man fan and know everything about the comic , chance are that you are going to be very dispointed with iron man 3. BUT if you are a big Shane Black fan that is to say the best screenwriter for kickass action movie of the 80-90ies , you will love the movie …

The thing is that Iron Man 3 is not a super hero movie, its more like an action movie of the 90ies with iron man as special guest ! if you love all the stupid jokes , the second degree you will like it , i find some scene quite useless , but i really love the movie …

But beware its not a Iron Man movie its more a Shane Black movie … :slight_smile:

Ohh and the big FX scene in the middle of the film can justify by itself the 10 bucks tickets !

I was quite disapointed to see that everybody got a 1 column film credit , but when it came to VFX all the weta guys were pack like slice of ham in a Hamburger on 15 column … That is to say VFX is still the mobile infantery of Entertainment … The green wave hasn’t pay … yet ! :slight_smile:


Regarding WETAs credits:

I could be wrong, and perhpas someone from Weta could chime in on this, but it seems like many of Weta’s credits tend to be like that. One large block, or several large blocks as opposed to separate columns of credits. While it makes it harder to isolate individual names, this probably helps them get more credits in. If they had all those names listed in individual columns, many names would probably be slashed from the credits lists as it would cause the credits to run way too long. Studios are very particular about the length of credits. Things like font size, spacing and speed of the crawl are all considered. I have even been in review sessions where the size of an underline in scrutinized.

When deliveries where primarily on film, additional credits would obviously make the film length slightly longer. Multiply that across thousands of prints of prints across the world, the prices went up, hence the desire to shorten credits. These days I think studios just want the credits to be as short as possible for sheer convenience and when you have an additional scene at the very end of the movie, there is a concern of your audience just getting way too bored.

That all being said, I think as many names as possible should be included in the credits. Whats worse is when entire teams are left out and just a compny credit is included. That really bugs me.


Yeah I can imagine many here are going to roll eyes when thinking about sequel 3 million. I always think ‘oh no not again’ but am also always surprised at the quality. I think it amazing that the writers and producers and crews can come up with a fresh take on something that should have lost its zing ages ago.

I haven’t seen it yet but I am sure this one will also be first class.


I’d heard that they had done it as one block to get everyone’s name in. If they had had individual titles that means more lines in the credits and some poeple won’t get their name in. On previous films, some people didn’t get there name credited and it caused some controversy. At least the caterers got there names it! Thanks god for billy the burger boy. The crew that built the green screen need to be fed!


Notice how that guy did not like the first Iron Man the same way he didn’t like the sequel.

I personally thought this was better than IM2 but not as good as IM1.


That’ll do! Count me in!


I always complain that modern films (I think since watching Transformers) have a tendency for CG action to move so fast that my brain attributes it to a firework display.

*** gentle spoiler alert coming ***

In Iron Man 3, the robot drones even exploded into fireworks, just to prove my point!

Any way still enjoyed the entertainment in the movie.



Saw it yesterday…loved it !!! Way better than im2…way better

But the 3d sucked…I hated it…This movie imo did not need to be in 3d



Same feeling I got.

All in all it was ok, not memorable, but very good fun, with two respectable dots of script writing that, sadly, get suffocated by a totally overdone humor pass that completely shadows every other aspect even the moments you’re supposed to take events seriously.

[spoiler]seriously, anxiety/panic attacks? I mean, bad enough as a plot/character point to balance his ego and strength to begin with, but he laughs and jokes on the phone through every single one, they might as well have removed it altogether.
Same with the “humble” bits, he’s still a dick throughout every single apology, contrast is completely missing from his character, even more so than previous movies[/spoiler]

It works because RDJ delivers every single line so incredibly well, anybody else and it would have been a disaster, so bear that in mind.
If you like the guy and his comedic delivery, you will most likely enjoy it, if you’re one of the few that finds him annoying, you might get irritated and start noticing the completely one dimensional characters and story there to barely prop VFX and RDJ’s performance up.

VFX was overall pretty damn good and worth the show on its own merit, design was good but possibly not quite as strong as the previous movies, probably they had to come up with too much stuff and it feels diluted.
Saw it in 2D, anything with that much fast panning and explosions is too painful in heavily post-ed 3D.