Iron Baby - A fake trailer



Excellent job on the metal work. The final renders look awesome.

Flawless compositing


Wasn’t here recently an Iron Man “mini”?
Now there is an Iron Baby, that’s so cute.
Would love to see it, but unfortunatelly the vid isn’t available for my country.
Maybe I’ll try it with an canadian IP address.

Images looks awesome! The eyebrows of the baby looking pretty similar to yours. :wink:


amazing work and creation !

félicitation Monsieur Monsieur.

try it on Vimeo meleseDESIGN.


Haha, this is just awesome! Beautiful attention to details.
Great production values. Really well executed piece of work! Congrats.


That was some stunning production value for an unfinanced project…
Congrats on the results and the idea, the bunnies had me actually laughing.

I’d be curious about the production schedule too if you can discuss the details.


Wow :buttrock: so so amazing. Congrats it turned out breathtaking . :beer:


that was great! :buttrock:


I like baby iron man, is very interesting and tender also. excelent work:applause:


Absolutely awesome videoclip there! :buttrock:

And if you didn’t know it already it’s been picked up as a “clip of the day” at


geez this is truely AWESOME :buttrock:
nice work guys


okay that was one of the greatest things I’ve seen all year!!!


Well done! many props, congrats on the great work!


aww wow … I saw this on motionographer the other day… and we absolutely loved it…
and I agree with leigh… you’re are incredibly talened … great work :buttrock: :buttrock:


Great spoof! I enjoyed it. Congrats on making the front page, too. :buttrock:


Chapeau c’est très bien fait.:smiley:


Wow fantastic stuff! very cute baby:thumbsup:
I love the bunnies too, very funny :cool:

lol :smiley: :smiley:


no video for germans, why?!?!?

btw this youtube “not available in your country” is very uncool…


AWESOMESo cute baby


Yeah, i really liked the bunnies getting the butts handed


Wow! Amazing! This made my day