Iron Baby - A fake trailer


I just finished all the 3D (modeling, Texturing, animation, Fx etc.) in 3dsMax 2011 and rendered with Vray, for this very short fake trailer i did just for fun with my friend Patrick Boivin who had the idea, did the live shooting, direction and compositing in Adobe After Effects. We wanted to see the technical level we could reach together.

I used CAT for the animation. The first landing shot was done by camera projection (we had just a photo for the background and a fire footage). I created all my HRDI images for the reflection using a fisheye lens. It took me alot of time to model the whole Iron Baby suit. I first model the real Iron Man and then deformed it to baby proportions.

See it in HD 1080p on youtube:


Awesome! :wink:

So how long did this all take?


what the… that is some amazing stuff. Love the addition of the bunnies, but should have been robotic bunnies. Great job to both of you guys.


Gorgeous work. I’m sure this one will grab you guys a lot of attention! Great idea.


That is tooooo good! How long did it all take you and how in the name of god did the baby invent such an advanced suit with such basic mathematical tools!


Amazing work strob. CG Integration is very crisp and well matched. Great job dude :smiley:


Insanely well done. A real treat. :slight_smile:


haha. Simply Awesome. Just one crit though, when baby getting in the suit, it could have used some little expressions (it seems projected still texture). Though I loved it how serious he looked in that shot.

Everything else was just perfect. Loved it.


Outstanding! Lovely idea and fantastic work, congratulations :applause:


So cool & funny. The suit looks perfect.


Excellent Work! Loved It.


Always been a fan of your work Strob. Awesome!


new front page stuff have been detected :slight_smile:

stunning man, you did a great level in high production process, it could be a commercial spot for itself

just … those rabbits, don’t fit with the overall theme … and I don’t mean the rabbits as a subject, but as a puppet style or whatever it is …

nice work again :slight_smile:

  • Yusuf


This sux! :curious: “This video is not available in your country”
… the images look promising anyway :smiley:

edit: saw it on vimeo now… well done! :bowdown:


I saw Patrick post this on YouTube and had to come find the thread on here. Absolutely loved it, great work! Someone please plug this :applause:


Oh wow, I was checking this forum for another thread and spotted this here - I actually saw it earlier because it was doing the rounds at work. Great to see it was done by a user here, and even better to see that you’ve posted it here!

It doesn’t even need to be said that this is an absolutely fantastic piece of work. I’m pretty blown away that it was mostly done by a single person - you’re obviously insanely talented! Huge kudos to you for this incredible effort. It makes me wish we gave out awards for animation here because this would be a clear winner. Sure, it isn’t flawless, but to critique this would be nitpicking.

Plugged because this NEEDS to be on the front page! Once again, a huge well done for an absolutely brilliant piece of work.


awwww man thats very cool :slight_smile: I give you 10 out of 10 for that.


The images look awesome. I really want to watch it, but youtube says, it’s not available for my country (Germany). Can you fix it somehow or reupload somewhere else (vimeo maybe).


really kool! I just pressed the “like” button!
your stop motion stuff is pretty good too.


Haha this is so cute! lovely work all around. :slight_smile:


/ Magnus